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Finding A Labrador Retriever
Once you have decided that a Labrador Retriever is the right dog for you and your family, you are now ready to begin the search for a puppy that will hopefully be an ideal pet for the entire household, one that will be fun training to retrieve and can be used as such during the [...]
How to Stop A Dog Fight
Labradors usually will not start a fight, bit if another dog starts one your dog will certainly defend himself. Stud dogs often fight one another, and some dogs become jealous of their owner to the point of fighting any dog that comes near the house or car. It is dangerous to try stopping a dog fight. [...]
Feeding Your Labrador Retriever: Part 1
Selecting the right food for your Labrador Retriever should not be a random choice, as no other decision will have a greater impact on the overall well-being of your dog. What the dog eats affects his nutrition, and nutrition directly relates to overall health and longevity. A dog’s diet should be high in protein, with [...]
Making Life Easier For The Handicapped
Having proved their love for humans and their desire to serve, Labradors are now being trained throughout the world to assist many types of handicapped owners in the chores of everyday life. You have probably seen a handicapped man or woman being guided by a loving and well-trained Labrador Retriever at some time. With [...]
Feeding Your Older Lab
Keep in mind that as your Labrador ages, he will need less food to maintain a constant weight. With elderly dogs it is important to cut back on the amount of protein (particularly meat) that is ingested, because high levels of protein can put a strain on the kidneys. Overweight dogs should be brought back into [...]
How To Handle Traveling With Your Labrador Retriever
Since your Labrador may sometimes accompany you when you travel, it is important to indoctrinate it into riding in the car while it is still a puppy. Start with short trips, such as local errands, and increase from there. The dog should always ride in the back seat and should be taught to lie down [...]
Field And Hunting Trials For Your Lab
Since the Labrador Retriever is primarily a sporting dog, this fact should not be lost sight of by breeders who might only be interested in raising Labradors that look like Labradors regardless of how they act. Field Trial training is a very complicated and specialized subject. The Labrador Club requires that any member having a [...]
Feeding Your Labrador Retriever: Part 2
Many dog owners feed their pet semi-moist foods because they are easier to prepare than canned food and usually more delectable than regular dry food. Semi-moist foods are usually packaged in easy-open pouches or as “hamburger patties.” The semi-moist foods contain much less water than canned foods, but they are expensive and loaded with [...]
Labrador Retriever Coat Color Inheritance
There are three acceptable coat colors in the Labrador retriever: black, yellow (with variation from fox-red to light cream), and chocolate. Black is the most common color, but the numbers of yellows and chocolates are on the rise. Coat color is determined by the type of genes received from each of the parents. Black is the [...]
Introducing Training To The Young Labrador Retriever
You can begin some elementary retrieving exercises at eight weeks or so, and your Labrador will most likely love the game and look forward to it each day. To teach the basic mechanics of the fetch (run out, pick up the object, return the object to the master, and release), begin by placing the puppy [...]