What Is Dog Agility Training
Marc Lindsay

Keeping a dog healthy and happy involves feeding them well and providing them with mental and physical stimulation. Some dogs are not happy with just a simple walk and they would be much happier with more strenuous exercise.

Dog agility training has that to offer in masses and the training and learning of a course will also help to feed the gray matter. One other advantage of dog agility training is that every dog loves the attention and the praise they receive so they will strive to do well and show off.

Dog agility training is not something you can undertake at home on your own unless you are very experienced and have plenty of room in your yard. Before you even start dog agility training, though, you will need to socialize your dog.

During the time you are training him in his new found sport he will meet lots of dogs and lots of new people and if he is too easily distracted by these new faces then it will take a long time to teach him anything. Obedience classes can help teach a dog the social aspects very easily.

Once your dog is socialized then you should start agility classes. At first this will entail teaching you ad your dog some of the commands you will need later.

Each obstacle will require separate training and will also be broken down into several parts in order to make it easier for you both to learn. Don't forget, you too will have a lot to learn during dog agility training because regardless of how good your dog is, if you aren't giving the right commands at the right time then you will not win any agility competitions and you will not learn anything.

Dog agility training really is physical and mental for the dog. Virtually all dogs love the opportunity to burn off steam and use their brains once in a while, even if sometimes it feels like all they want to do is sit and watch television.

Dog agility will help to improve their physical and mental health and it can do so very quickly. The more mentally physically agile dogs that take to agility much quicker are the herders and the sheep dogs. This is because they are naturally intelligent and also agile.

Don't worry, though, if you don't have one of these dogs because it is usually possible to teach agility to any dog.

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